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Opening Up the Bedroom: Are You Really a Monogamist?

Stepping out—either in thought or deed—is conventionally regarded as a symptom of an unhealthy relationship. But what if the exact opposite were true? With insight from doctors, sex therapists, and relationship experts. It used to be that non-monogamy just meant cheating. It was basically assumed by everyone that being in a relationship meant being monogamous, and to do anything else was to break the rules. But something’s changed. Sure, most relationships are still monogamous (or at least try

Coping with Cheating, Part 2 – When You’re Tempted by Another

Anyone who’s had any sort of long-term relationship has had the thought show up at least once – it’s human nature. I know I have. There’s no shame in feeling the temptation, only in giving in to it. There are all sorts of reasons you might be tempted to betray your partner’s trust, from boredom in the relationship to fear of never getting to sleep with anyone else for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s meeting some new person that seems exciting in all the ways your partner isn’t any more; s

Coping with Cheating, Part 1 – When Your Heart Has Been Crushed

There are few things more closely related to the end of romantic relationships in the popular consciousness than infidelity. Countless couples have been split apart by cheating, and it’s not hard to find people who see it as grounds for an immediate breakup, no ifs or buts. It’s perfectly understandable that such a momentous breach of trust would be a dealbreaker for many, but does a failure of monogamy always have to mean the end? Is it possible for a relationship to come back from the brink a

How to Woo Your Woman with Strategic Spontaneity

It’s no secret that plenty of women are looking for a man who is spontaneous, who can sweep them off their feet with an impromptu vacation, surprise gifts and spur-of-the-moment plans. It’s also no secret (at least going by all the romantic comedies based on it) that for most men, spontaneity doesn’t always come naturally or isn’t embraced happily, especially when it comes to romance. And for many, the effects spontaneity has on a schedule are downright shunned. These are stereotypes, sure, but like most stereotypes, they have a ring of truth about them.

The Simple Secret to Talking to Women: Say Hello

What I’m about to say isn’t likely to come as much of a surprise: an awful lot of men care an awful lot about meeting women. Whether it’s for sex, a relationship, or something else, most single men seem pretty preoccupied by the issue. Inevitably, when there’s that much thought put into the topic, and that many people invested in it, there are plenty of opinions around about the best ways for men to go about it. In fact, there’s a whole industry built around it, with so-called ‘pickup artists’ m

How to Maintain Your First Real Adult Relationship

It’d be a bit of an understatement to say that some pretty major changes happen in your life when you cross the student/graduate line. If you’re lucky, you might be going into full-time employment or well-paid freelance work. If not, which is an increasingly high proportion of us these days, then you’re getting used to the world of un- and underemployment, with all of its accompanying challenges. Depending on your living arrangements at college, you might be encountering the private rental marke

Pop Culture Compatibility: How Important Should Tastes in Media Be In a Relationship?

I’m a pop culture junkie. An obsessive. My life has been marked irrevocably by the books, films, TV shows, video games, and music that I’ve loved, hated, or simply experienced. My pop culture tastes both make up part of who I am, and reflect who I am. And, while I may be an extreme case, I’m certainly not alone in this. As the internet has made pop culture even more accessible and ubiquitous, so too has it helped people be selective in their consumption, forming strong tastes and preferences as
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