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9 movie corpses who totally stole the show

Daniel Radcliffe is jerking tears and dazzling the screen right now in the wonderful Swiss Army Man, where he plays a farting corpse. It's good to see that he's truly letting go of Harry Potter and taking himself seriously (but seriously – he's actually great in it). Here are some of cinema's other charismatic corpses (farting or otherwise) that proved you don't need a heartbeat to steal the show - and no, zombies don't count. Undoubtedly the big daddy of the (admittedly niche) corpse comedy g

Insider's Guide to Los Angeles - Candid Magazine

The City of Angels has a bit of a soured reputation in some circles when it comes to travel. A few too many people have hoped to visit the gleaming streets of Hollywood and found it instead slightly dishevelled – the walk of fame just that bit grimier than they imagined, the locals less celebrities and more ‘colourful’. Throw in the city’s infamously poor public transit system and the fact that the city is spread over miles and miles of land, and it can look like a daunting holiday prospect. I’
Little White Lies

In praise of The Fly – the body horror that’s all in your head

Despite its venerable age, David Cronenberg’s The Fly remains the body horror to beat. Viewed today, it’s the film’s purity of purpose that stands out, the relentless commitment to breaking the human body down and putting it back together in all the ways it isn’t meant to be. It’s the platonic ideal of a body horror movie, a perfect 96 minutes of acid vomit and oozing flesh. And oh, the flesh. “You only know society’s straight line about the flesh,” Jeff Goldblum rants late on in the film. “You

Designing High-Rise with Mark Tildesley

It’s hard to imagine what the typical workday is like for Mark Tildesley. During a career that’s stretched over more than twenty-five years he’s designed the gleaming scifi of Sunshine, the urban collapse of 28 Days Later, and the pot-tinged, high-fantasy of Your Highness, breaking it up with more realist work like 24 Hour Party People or the upcoming Trainspotting sequel. And that’s not even counting his theatre work, or contributions to the London Olympics’ opening ceremony.

Fifty Years that Changed the Future of Design: The Legacy of Star Trek

It will have been fifty years this September since Kirk, Spock and the crew of the USS Enterprise first burst onto TV screens, forever changing pop culture, science fiction and the baffling career of William Shatner. It’d be hard to entirely estimate the impact the franchise has had across its five TV series and twelve films to date (soon to be thirteen, when Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond arrives in July) —from featuring US television’s first ever interracial kiss to inspiring the development of real-life versions of its finest fictional tech, it has shaped the modern world more than it might seem. But forget the present, it’s also all but defined our vision of the future.

Kate Beckinsale interview: 'I did a little PhD in Jane Austen' - Candid Magazine

It’s possible that Kate Beckinsale has been a bit undersold by a career so far dominated by the likes of four entries in the Underworld franchise (with a fifth on the way) and a few recent duds like the Total Recall remake or last year’s Absolutely Anything. Or at least, that’s the immediate feeling one’s struck with a few minutes into Love & Friendship, when it becomes clear that Beckinsale has turned out the sort of astonishing, tour de force performance many of us might have forgotten she was

Everybody Wants Some!! review: Infectiously enthusastic - Candid Magazine

There’s a rather cunning use of exclamation marks in the title of Everybody Wants Some!! – it becomes impossible to discuss the film without sounding rampantly enthusiastic, no matter what you’re saying. Just try it. “I was a bit bored by Everybody Wants Some!!” It doesn’t work – who’s ever sounded that excited by their own boredom? Thankfully, it’s a tricky tactic that the film doesn’t mean – it comes bundled with its own infectious enthusiasm, an effervescent energy that’s hard to resist. Ric

Stardew Valley and the Unbearable Weight of Existence

Look, I just… I just didn’t ‘get’ Stardew Valley, OK? I tried guys, I really did. I tried for you. I made my farm, I planted my parsnips, I chatted up my neighbors, and I spent just about every second wishing I was doing literally anything else in the world. Let’s rewind. Stardew Valley is the long-awaited debut game from indie developer Eric Barone, pitched as a spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon franchise, a throwback, retro-inspired farming simulator for the sort of people who start sal
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