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To celebrate the release of the Playstation 4 Slim and the fact that our executive editor Dominic is now able to ignore me on PSN, I (Julian) decided to have a conversation with him about his new console. This parlay begins before Dominic owns the PS4, and ends with his preliminary reports after 3 days with the machine in question. It is lengthy and technical in parts, but does provide Insights You Won’t Regret Reading™ and touch on a bunch of exclusive games and upcoming releases.

Unwinnable’s First Look at Luke Cage | Unwinnable

Luke Cage has rolled around with a certain sort of inevitability. Marvel’s third series for Netflix was announced way back in 2013. Lead Mike Colter was cast in 2014, and we first saw him in action last November when he played a major role in Jessica Jones. The point is, this has all been on the way for a very long time by TV standards, and after seeing Colter in the better part of Jessica Jones’ 13 episodes, it’s easy to feel the show won’t have much new to offer.
Digital Spy

9 movie corpses who totally stole the show

Daniel Radcliffe is jerking tears and dazzling the screen right now in the wonderful Swiss Army Man, where he plays a farting corpse. It's good to see that he's truly letting go of Harry Potter and taking himself seriously (but seriously – he's actually great in it). Here are some of cinema's other charismatic corpses (farting or otherwise) that proved you don't need a heartbeat to steal the show - and no, zombies don't count. Undoubtedly the big daddy of the (admittedly niche) corpse comedy g

Insider's Guide to Los Angeles - Candid Magazine

The City of Angels has a bit of a soured reputation in some circles when it comes to travel. A few too many people have hoped to visit the gleaming streets of Hollywood and found it instead slightly dishevelled – the walk of fame just that bit grimier than they imagined, the locals less celebrities and more ‘colourful’. Throw in the city’s infamously poor public transit system and the fact that the city is spread over miles and miles of land, and it can look like a daunting holiday prospect. I’

Netflix’s The Get Down and Learning to Get Down | Unwinnable

The Get Down is a Netflix series, executive produced by the routinely maverick Australian director Baz Lurhmann, about the flourishing music scene in The Bronx in the ‘70s, as disco gave way to the dawn of hip hop. The get down is, within the show, that vital moment when a DJ manages to create an infinite beat out of the briefest fragment of another track. Looping it to generate a whole new rhythm, and leaving space for an MC to rap on top. The get down is all about simplicity, focus. Taking a
Little White Lies

In praise of The Fly – the body horror that’s all in your head

Despite its venerable age, David Cronenberg’s The Fly remains the body horror to beat. Viewed today, it’s the film’s purity of purpose that stands out, the relentless commitment to breaking the human body down and putting it back together in all the ways it isn’t meant to be. It’s the platonic ideal of a body horror movie, a perfect 96 minutes of acid vomit and oozing flesh. And oh, the flesh. “You only know society’s straight line about the flesh,” Jeff Goldblum rants late on in the film. “You
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