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Woodford Reserve at Whistling Shop, Shoreditch - Candid Magazine

Much has been said in the past about how dark it is in the Worship Street Whistling Shop (try saying that three times fast), but it bears repeating: this is a really dark bar. Nestled underground, and with just dim lights to suit its quasi-Victorian aesthetic, visibility drops to about zero by the time you’re halfway down the stairs. If you were caught in a torrential downpour on your way there and your glasses are dripping wet, it becomes even harder to navigate without tripping over yourself,

Four Seasons Hotel Prague - Candid Magazine

Once the hub of the Holy Roman Empire, Prague has rather lost its rightful place among the great medieval European cities, relegated in the popular imagination to stag dos and hen nights. Those so quick to write it off are missing out on a city rich with history, culture and architecture. Towering, shimmering spires loom over winding cobbled streets, where gothic churches jostle for space with neo-classical townhouses. At the heart of it all, with views over the historic Charles Bridge, lies th

New Opening: Lucky Chip Burgers & Wine, Dalston - Candid Magazine

Lucky Chip has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a market stall in 2011. Founder Ben Denner has since taken his burgers through a range of pop-ups, markets and pub residencies, and is now settling down in his first permanent site: Lucky Chip Burgers & Wine on Dalston’s Ridley Road. In case the name hasn’t given it away yet (keep up) the main addition to the Lucky Chip lineup here is an expansive wine list, an excuse to both signal that the restaurant setting is a step up from the c

Bar Review: The Gibson, Shoreditch - Candid Magazine

It’d be fair to say that there’s some understandable pressure surrounding the opening of The Gibson. EC1’s latest trendy cocktail bar comes from Marian Beke, formerly bar manager at Nightjar, just down the road, for five years. Nightjar quickly became one of London’s most talked about bars, earning cred not only for its quality cocktails, but also its inventive presentation and a secretive, you’ve-got-to-be-in-the-know location. Though now just about everybody knows, so the secret is firmly out.

Restaurant Review: Jar Kitchen, Covent Garden - Candid Magazine

A cosy, comforting island nestled between Covent Garden and Holborn, Jar Kitchen is a refreshingly down-to-earth restaurant that opened earlier this year in May. True to its name, jars are a prominent element of the décor, whether used for storage or re-purposed as lampshades and tealight holders. Stripped wooden floors and minimalist styling contributes to a restaurant aesthetic more typical of Hackney than the West End, but the end result is warm, welcoming and never a distraction from the exc

Artisanal Coffee: Parcafé at The Dorchester - Candid Magazine

Starbucks may not seem like a natural competitor to The Dorchester, but with the prestigious London hotel having recently opened the doors of its new artisanal coffee shop Parcafé, the comparison is all of a sudden relevant. Located on Park Lane, just around the corner from the hotel’s main entrance, Parcafé is a surprisingly unassuming venture. Sleek and modern, it eschews most of the traditional trappings of its sibling, the afternoon tea service. With a total of just five seats and some stan
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